Dude Perfect Official Brass Fidget Spinner // Black + Gold

Brass Fidget Spinner
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Due to overwhelming demand - the OFFICIAL Dude Perfect Fidget Spinner is currently on reserve. Orders placed today will be shipping by June 30th, 2017. Place your order today to make sure you get one before it’s too late!

HELLO! The 'OFFICIAL Dude Perfect Fidget Spinner is currently on RESERVE!
• All orders will ship on or before June 30th, 2017.
• If you would like additional items shipped before this date, please place two separate orders. Thank you!

The OFFICIAL Dude Perfect Fidget Spinner. Custom made out of brass, cut perfectly into the shape of the DP logo. The spinner also comes with two gold, anodized aluminum buttons. This heavy duty, premium spinner will be the coolest looking in your collection!

• DP core is made of 100% brass
• Weighs 80 grams, 64mm in length
• Button core is 100% aluminum, with gold anodized paint
• Bearing is r188 SS
• Each spinner comes with two buttons
• Comes in a custom made tin case